Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unspeakable Horrors at the Costume Institute Gala

This year's gala, held on May 4th, was themed, "The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion."  If I'm interpreting this correctly, models tend to make designers want to wrap them in a swath of fabric, stick a safety pin in it, and call it a gown.

Like Victoria Beckham here, in some dotted curtain fabric.

And Kate Moss (with Marc Jacobs) wrapped in a piece of lamé. There was some extra, so she made a nifty headwrap from it. 

Anne Hathaway's dress designer chose to put the safety pin front and center. Pretty color though, and I kinda like her big retro hair.

Next up, in the Hot Mess department, Mary Kate Olsen tries to pull off a look straight out of the rag bin. It's too long, and too ugly.

I can't tell if Madonna is trying too hard, or if she's just given up. She's at the age where wearing something attractive and flattering makes far more sense than wearing something that makes people whisper about her behind their hands, "I hear she's off her meds." She's an icon, and she should start carrying herself as one.

Kirsten Dunst...ahhh...not sure what to say about that dress, other than it's matronly and makes her boobs look saggy.

Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler actually look pretty good here, and I can't really see what's going on with Kate Bosworth's dress apart that it looks rather plain and somewhat old for her. But Stella McCartney...in a lace jumpsuit? Ack.

Finally, Andre Leon Talley models the latest in graduation gowns. And I think I have a pair of shoes just like those....


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