Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009 MTV Movie Awards

As usual, the MTV Movie Awards were attended by a bunch of...err...young people. (Don't you love how I don't even pretend to know them? When I was young and hip, I didn't have access to MTV. Now that I'm a cranky old fart, I don't care. Would my life really be richer if I watched "The Hills?" No, I didn't think so.)

But, I'm not entirely clueless...

Sacha Baron Cohen showed up as his latest character, Bruno, and made a general spectacle of himself. I've seen people dressed like this in the tents at Fashion Week, so he's only slightly an exaggeration.

Rumer Willis - a case of a genepool gone awry - was sporting red hair and a dress that made her look like she had been thrown through a Church window. Fail.

Once again, Paris Hilton does her impersonation of that famous tower in Pisa, while her dull-looking-yet-handsome boyfriend, Doug, attempts to keep her from falling on her ass. If she leans over any farther, and we'll see...oh, unspeakable horrors. It's a better outfit than the ones she wore at Cannes; at least she's not wearing a diamond necklace on her head.

Miley Cyrus looks so ladylike in this dress. I almost don't mind the nude shade on her, but I think something more colorful would be prettier. 

Leighton Meester. Uh. Um. Wouldn't this look so much nicer if it were all opaque? I mean, I understand that sheer is supposed to = sexy, but this dress looks like she's trying to wear the new line of Spanx all at the same time. And what's with the flappy things at the waist? Are they pockets? 

Kristen Bell is cute, and this is a cute dress, but I don't know if it works on lil Kristen. It would be sluterrific on Heidi Klum, however. And hmm...reminds me a little of Reco Chapple's winning outfit on episode 4 of The Fashion Show (which reminds me of Leanne Marshall's winning dress from the Saturn carparts challenge).

Another tiny cutie, Hayden Panettiere, in another little black dress. This time, I don't like the dress at looks ill-fitting? Crooked? Sloppy? All of the above?

Audrina Patridge's dress appears to be one-sleeved; can't tell with all the hair going on. Anyway, it's completely meh. But I do like very much that she lightened her hair - it makes her pale blue eyes look less-scary.

Love the boots, kinda like the top although it's reminding me of redesigned hospital scrubs, and hate the tight pants/leggings. And the red lipstick.

Chris Isaak's date is the best-dressd of them all.


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