Monday, June 8, 2009

63rd Annual Tony Awards

The stars were out for the 63rd annual Tonys, held at New York's Radio City Music Hall. And what did they wear?

Stockard Channing, while lovely, has wide shoulders and narrow hips which this dress only emphasizes. A fuller skirt might have worked better to make her look less like she's trying out for the Giants.

Piper Perabo took a page from Scarlett O'Hara's book and wore a dress fashioned from curtains - some old 70s drapes, by the looks of it.

Marcia Gay Harden looked terrific - green is a great color for her.

Where to begin with Lauren Graham's dress? Why the bow in the awkward post-crotch position?And why is she wearing such a lumpy and obvious bra? The color is...interesting, but maybe a tad too shockingly bright.

Kate Burton decided to eschew formal wear altogether and wore her nightie instead.

Jessica Lange looks great. That's how one wears a bright color.

I like Edie Falco's dress until it gets to the hem, at which point it looks like a wrinkled duvet.

Dolly Parton has had so much work done, she's starting to look like Madame. And her ensemble is typical Dolly - pink, somewhat frothy, a bit of bling. Nothing surprising there.

I want to like Chandra Wilson's dress, but the color is just not working for me.

Let's forget the color and head on to the parade of ever-popular black.

Gina Gershon, on the arm of the lovely John Stamos. Despite the halter, that dress is so serious-looking. She needs a shot of color.

Jane Fonda looks great, and I like that she doesn't feel the need to show off her (probably still toned and fabulous) arms.

I think Bebe Neuwirth looks too severe in black. And I hate the matchy matchy shoe and waist flowers.

Anne Hathaway looks like she's gained a few ounces - her arms don't look like sticks. While flouncy skirts like that always remind me of dead birds and Phyllis Diller, this girl looks good in almost everything. Even black.

Ok, enough black - back to one last shot of color. Allison Janney looks fantastic. Pretty, even. Love the dress, love the color.


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