Monday, June 1, 2009

Cannes 2009, part deux

Stars (and nobodies who somehow managed to get an invitation) congregated on the red carpet for the Inglourious Basterds premiere. 

Sharon Stone came dressed as a middle-aged tart.  No telling if she wore panties or not.

Diane Kruger wore a pretty silver and white dress and entirely too much black crap around her eyes.

As skinny as she is, Michelle Yeoh still managed to look somewhat lumpy under her dress. Or is that her hip bone jutting out? Eat a cheeseburger, will ya?

Paris Hilton looked as ridiculous as ever in far too much jewelry, and posing as if she has something severely wrong with her pelvis.  Her latest romantic victim, Doug Reinhardt, looks a bit shell-shocked.

I think Joss Stone's dress is cute, but she didn't bother to wash her hair. And the shoes are really hideous.

This chick, Jana Pallaske, looks like she's wearing the elminated design from a Project Runway challenge involving vacuum cleaner bags, duct tape, and feather dusters.

Amazing - Angelina Jolie is not wearing black! Unfortunately, nude doesn't suit her either. A shame because it's a sexy dress.


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