Monday, June 15, 2009

Women In Film's 2009 Crystal + Lucy Awards

Judging by the lack of real star power (with few exceptions) at this event, it was a non-event. But still, there are dresses to rip.

Michelle Trachtenberg's shiny print dress reminds me of the foil wrappers on mini chocolate Easter eggs. And I think the black shoes and black goop around the eyes is so harsh. The whole look is just not working.

Not long ago I saw an episode of The Equalizer ca. 1985. Melissa Leo was really a pretty young thing back then. Today, well, I like her dress but think the color is too close to her hair and skin color. And I'd like to see her with bangs.

Mary McCormack looks terrific with her sleek hair and happy face. The dress is a little drab though.

I love Keke Palmer's dress - it's bold and bright and summery without being tacky or too casual...

...which is how I feel about Heather Locklear's dress. Looks like she threw it on after lying around the pool all day. Her hair looks kinda mangy, too. What happened to the Preference? Isn't she worth it anymore?

Jodi Foster looks gorgeous. Perfect. Love the darker hair. Holly Hunter looks painfully thin, and I think she's getting a bit too old to wear her hair that long. She obviously does not employ a stylist.

I''m not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston because, well, I think she's a big nothing. But she looks hot in this dress, and her usually too-stringy-looking hair looks good too. Well done.


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