Monday, August 3, 2009

Julie & Julie Premiere

This is sorta, but not quite, a cross-post with my foodblog. Same event but different people.

So the premiere of the new movie Julie & Julia was last week and a bunch of celebs, semi-celebs, and foodie folk showed up for the event. The movie is based on two different books - the one by the same name, taken from the blog in which a struggling writer decides to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and Mrs Child's My Life in France.

Amy Adams, stars in the movie as Julie Powell, the aforementioned struggling writer. I think she looks fantastic, even if the print on the dress is a bit Cruella De Vil (c'mon - it does so look like a dalmation).

Meryl Streep plays Julia Child. This woman can play anybody! Great actress, not so great dresser. One would think after her long and illustrious career, she could have afforded to get her tailor to sew the sleeves all the way down to the cuffs; perhaps she left her fortune in the care of Bernie Madoff....

At least she dressed up for the occasion more than actor Michael Badalucco and guest. She looks like she walked out of an 80s Avon Fashions catalog. And what's with his foot? I think his beer gut needs more Photoshopping than any of his extremities....

Fashion designer Rachel Roy only had time to get half dressed for the occasion. Those jeans are horrible, tacky, and probably cost $300.

And finally, the skeletal remains of Jasleen, a former winner of America's Next Top Model. The dress is weird, and she looks to be a lettuce leaf away from death. Someone hold her down and feed her a cheeseburger!


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