Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway Season 6

Sorry to let you all down, but there's no way I can find the time to recap both Top Chef and Project Runway on consecutive days. Plus, there's that video thing - Bravo has both previews and recaps, all of which offer a lot of material for me to work with. Lifetime's videos aren't as comprehensive. And you know you wouldn't like my recaps half as much if I didn't have the word balloons. Hell, I wouldn't either.

Had PR aired earlier, I might have attempted it, but this is just bad timing. If you're interested in my Top Chef recaps, you can find them at MinxEats. For more comprehensive coverage of Top Chef, please check out the All Top Chef blog. And for all things Bravo, visit Blogging Bravo, brought to you by the good people who bring you Blogging Project Runway - plus me!


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