Thursday, September 3, 2009

19th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards

The NAACP held their annual Theatre Awards on August 31st and it was fug-tacular.

Tichina Arnold looks like she's wearing a negligée over a clown suit. Too voluminous, too ugly.

Tatyana Ali looked pretty cute, but I'm not sure about that random patch of tablecloth lace stuck at the hem of her dress.

I love the bold color of Tasia Sherel's dress, but otherwise it Hooker cheap. I don't like the style on her, or her bared half-boob. The material looks like acrylic.

I like Mari Morrow's dress, even if the floofy overskirts are a bit brides-maid-y; the color is splendid on her. But maybe her hair is a little bit crazy. Sleek would have worked better with the floof and the statement jewelry.

Speaking of crazy, Jennia Fredrique waded through a sea of birdcages in her nightgown with a bracelet on her head to get to this ceremony....

Erica Hubbard looks...merely ok. Despite the red bodice, I think the dress is a little drab. And wrinkly.

Elise Neal's dress made from old bedsheets is far too long, and what's with the Silly-String-esque trim in that weird drab color?

Aasha Davis' dress is very pretty and understated. I think some flashier diamond jewelry would have provided some much-needed sparkle around her face. Or maybe even some makeup....


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