Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Week Spring 2010

I suppose I am very fortunate that this blog is considered legitimate media and have had my press application accepted for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY yet again. Yay, me! But I need to whine and complain about it a bit, cuz I can. Life as a fashion blogger ain't all fun and games, let me tell you!

Because of scheduling issues, I couldn't go to New York until this Tuesday the 15th. So of course every invitation I received was for opening day, Thursday the 10th, the next day, or Monday the 14th. I received several invites in the mail, and couldn't use any of them. For the days I could attend shows, I received nothing for Bryant Park. I did get invites to lots of off-premises shows though - Nolcha Fashion Week, Maria Pinto's installation - and even a party. In fact, I RSVP'd for the party about 5 minutes after receiving the invite. Unfortunately, I was disinvited on the day of because of "overwhelming response." Gee, thanks. Always nice to know there are people who are more "in" than I am. Oh, and the HauteLook Lounge that I was looking forward to attending was suddenly closed for a private party. :::eyeroll:::

Anyhoo, Mr Minx and I did manage to get standing room for the Max Azria show, which was nice. But after standing on the hard ground for so long, we were unwilling to stand around more and beg for standing room at other shows. So we just did our own thing for the three days we were in town. You'll be able to read about some of that on my food blog in the upcoming week.

Celeb Sightings
They were actually few this year. We saw the large-lipped Lisa Rinna while we were attempting to get standing room at Pamella Roland, shown here with three of the Whoreswives of New York.

During our aborted attempt to get into the HauteLook Lounge, I spotted Project Runway Season Five designer Terri Stevens in line behind us. Turns out she had a show the next day, along with fellow PR alum Kenley Collins. I did get an invite from Kenley, but it arrived too late for me to take advantage of it. Thanks, Kenley! Hopefully next time. Another PR sighting - I saw Carol Hannah Whitfield in the subway near Times Square. She overheard my mentioning her name to Mr Minx, turned and waved. Sweet! And another: Mr Minx spotted Fern Mallis at Max Azria.

Our Digs
I won't stay in a cheap hotel in NY and always manage to find a deal via Priceline. This time, we stayed at the Millennium U.N. A bit far to the east, but check the view from our window on the 34th floor - both the Chrysler and the Empire State Building can be seen.

Fashion Week coverage - my snarky commentary on the collections - will continue next week. Also stay tuned for some major changes to this blog!


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