Monday, September 7, 2009


Makeup artist Juliet Stewart's motto is "Be Unforgettable...Own Your Beauty." With her first fragrance, Juliet, she "seeks to express, in the creative form of a new fragrance, the essence and personal importance of my motto."

"The perfume 'Juliet' captures the subtle but real enthusiasm that every woman can feel when she is confident that she is unique and noticed. This fragrance is an original one from me, but it is not limited by me. It is not limited at all; it is open, friendly and filled with warmth. This perfume has a magical edge that captures the attention of others.

"I have a purpose in producing this perfume: to demonstrate that my name stands for meaningful beauty that all of us need so much in our lives. It is the first product I have created but it is only the start of my brand. I give you the opportunity to share this fragrance with me, and I want you to expect more things from me that are of equal quality for use by all of us.

"There is this most clean and pleasurable surprise when you first nuzzle up to its opening accord of the finest, most classic Italian notes of Lemons from Amalfi, Basil, Bergamot and Sicilian Orange coupled with nuances of fresh Mediterranean Herbs that are rendered ultra-feminine with Italian Jasmine and Vanilla from Madagascar on a warm background of Amber and Precious Woods from the Orient that make you feel truly beautiful."

Juliet, the fragrance, is indeed a pleasurable surprise. Opening notes of citrus, predominately lemon and bergamot, coupled with herbal tones, make this a refreshing, almost bracing eau-de-cologne-ish scent. I say almost, because there is, even at the opening, an undertone of warmth. The woods are lightly noticeable, and there’s a touch of vanillaic sweetness. It’s not until the drydown, however, and several hours in, that the bright notes fade sufficiently for one to notice the beautiful soft amber.

Juliet is right up my alley. I like fragrances that have a combination of citrus and herbs, particularly basil, and I am particularly drawn to woody vanilla and amber scents. Juliet is all of the above. It starts out bright and sunny, then ends up cozy. And it’s a fragrance that both men and women can wear equally well – it smells yummy on my husband too.

Juliet is available at, $125 for 50ml.


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