Friday, September 4, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 3

I could barely keep my eyes open last night (was having an allergic reaction to some fruit--yeah, make a joke--and took a Benedryl at about 9PM) and I didn't take notes, but I think I'll do a little PR "weecap" this morning. Why? Because I'm such a nice person (feel free to agree with that statement in the comments) and I love my readers.

First Heidi tells the designers they are going on a field trip. This turns out to be a visit to the beach, where they find Tim Gunn in...wait for it...flip flops.

The challenge is to make something inspired by surf/beach wear. The guy with Tim is named Carreon, and he works for Garnier. Not only do they have to design clothes, they have to create perfect hair. Let's throw in a little Shear Genius, shall we? ::::looking around for Rene Fris so I can make fun of his accent:::: Carry-on!

This is a team challenge. Tim calls out the names of the team leaders who get to pick their partners (but not their partners' noses). Somehow Mitchell earns a position of leadership and he chooses Ra'mon of the misused apostrophe. Dammit - I'm not misusing any apostrophes on this blog so am dispensing with it entirely - he's "Ramon" from now on. And I'm pronouncing it "rah-moan," so suck it.

Ramon is *not* pleased - neither with me nor with his partner. Not only does he know that Mitchell is a lazy loser, but also remembers how Mitch called his pregnancy dress a "bowling bag" last week. Not nice, no matter how true.

The designers chat up some beach bum types to get inspiration. Tim calls this "caucasing," as if they're doing something important.

Tim changes into hard-soled shoes because he wouldn't be caught dead on the street in flip-flops and they all go to Mood to argue over fabric.

Thanks Mood!

Back at the FIDM workroom, most pairs seem to work together pretty well. Except for Qristyl and Epperson. He seems concerned with her skills (and perhaps her taste level) and tries to guide her in a different direction from the one she wants to take. She's defensive, which probably stems from years of repeatedly spelling her name for people.

Meanwhile, Mitchell admits he picked Ramon to carry him. If Ramon does a good job, and the outfit turns out well, this is a team challenge - both will either win, or be safe, right? Right??

Then Tim comes in bearing bad news, which he blames on Heidi and the judges. Not only do they have to complete their beach-inspired look, they also have to create a second "avant garde" look to go with. I think it would have been amusing if the designers had to create this second look from only the scraps left over from the first look, but no, they get additional money and another trip to Mood.

For the rest of the sewing time, we mostly see Qristyl mouthing off and Epperson rolling his eyes, Mitchell wringing his hands while Ramon does all the work, and a brief interlude where Gordanna worries about the tacky assless lace thing that her partner, Nicholas, is whipping up. It looks like a jumpsuit for David Lee Roth to wear when he finally comes out of the closet.

The runway show: we see lots of hot messes and a couple of nice looks. Ramon & Mitchell and Johnny & Irina are the top teams; Gordanna & Nicholas and Epperson & Qristyl are on the bottom. Huh? I don't think any of them are necessarily the best or worst of the bunch. The judges are somehow in love with Ramon's neoprene dress. I agree that the fabric choice was pretty damn avant garde and it really fit with the beachwear challenge, but the dress itself? Meh.

Anyway, Ramon won the challenge. Mitchell probably thought he was safe because his partner won, but no...he ended up in the bottom two along with Qristyl. Kinda like Douchey Mike ending up in the top and bottom this week on Top Chef.

Mitchell admitted he had made only the bathing suit (which we never saw) and that Ramon did all the rest of the work. And so it was time to bid Mitchell Auf Wiedersehen.

How was that? You guys prefer real recaps? Then check out David Dust.


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