Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Project Runway Rant

Last week, after Christopher's ass got saved from elimination for the third time, I thought the show must be fixed. This week, after a fourth trip to the bottom and yet another "Christopher, you're safe," I am convinced of it.

This season has been a total suckfest so far, with boring challenges, and a revolving door of judges. It seems to me that the producers have had some say in who stays and who goes, and maybe they think that letting a self-taught boy from Bumblefuck, Minnesota make it so far is TV Gold. While he may be a decent enough designer, as evidenced by his work in the first three weeks, he's faltered too many times recently to be allowed to stay. But I'm thinking he's going to end up in the final three.

Speaking of which, at this point in the season, can you tell to whom these looks belong?

Designer 1
Designer 2
Designer 3


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