Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FTC Blogging Guidelines

Beginning Dec. 1, bloggers will be required to disclose any "material connections" (i.e. payments or freebies) they receive from companies whose products they review. I want to state right now that I have never received payment or gifts in exchange for my reviews. I have, however, occasionally received free samples (which may have been full-sized products) - can't do a review without the actual product in hand! For the most part, I have paid for or obtained my own samples, and have undertaken product reviews of my own accord.

Additionally, if I say I like a product, it's because I honestly do, not because anyone asked me to make that claim.

Starting now, I will tag any future product reviews with an indicator that the sample was given to me by the manufacturer, or if I obtained it myself. And I promise never to take money or in-kind payment in exchange for a positive review. The purpose of this blog is not to mislead readers, but to encourage them to try the products with which I have had a positive experience. It's all about integrity, and apparently the FTC doesn't think bloggers have much of that.


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