Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six Scents Series 2 - No 3 and No 4

No 3. Henrik Vibskov - Solar Donkey Power
Notes: bergamot, aromatic sage, geranium, patchouli, moss, incense, pine

The combination of bergamot and sage backed with pine in the opening of this scent is a little, well, industrial cleaner. The sweet spiciness of the geranium is detectable with a deep inhale, but the pine, and later the incense, is a bit overbearing. I don't know where donkeys come into play with this scent, but I'm sorta glad they don't.

A couple hours into the drydown, this one gets softer and the pine isn't quite as intense.

No 4. Henry Holland - Smell
Notes: lilac, mimosa, pine forest accord, green grass, sheer jasmin, musk

The rather-coconutty musk is in the forefront of this scent; combined with the floral notes it's a bit like a grown-up version of everyone's favorite baby lotion. The green notes aren't particularly green, and I can't smell the forest for the trees, but that's ok - it's a pretty scent, familiar and comforting.

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