Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spring 2010 RTW - Gareth Pugh

I am endlessly fascinated with British designer Gareth Pugh, whose clothing designs are primarily for aliens or for earthlings from a post-apocalyptic future and occasionally mind-boggling in their weirdness. He's also designed a fragrance, which is not nearly so odd, and which I like a great deal.

His Spring 2010 collection is maybe not as far out as in past seasons, but it has its moments.

See? Rather calm, nothing bizarre.

Why does the song "Car Wash" pop into my head when I look at this ensemble for men?

I'm not sure if the shrug-like jacket is part of the whole, or a separate piece.

Chicken-Woman from Space in artfully vented pants.

It's kinda hard to see any of this as "ready-to-wear."

Ohh...I know Mr Minx is going to put himself on the waiting list for this little number!

More vents. I kinda like this and would wear it if I were skinny. And weird.

This is perhaps the most ordinary piece in the whole collection. Somewhat Dr Seuss, but wearable.

Swamp Thing!

Bride of Swamp Thing!

I think the hat is a great way to go incognito. Lindsay, Britney, and the rest should really look into it.


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