Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glamor 2009 Woman of the Year

Glamor Magazine and L'Oreal presented their Woman of the Year awards to a motley group of women including FLOTUS Michelle Obama, designer Stella McCartney, and comedian Amy Poehler. Also on the motley side were the attendees' attire.

I never noticed how masculine Stephanie March is until now - and how ugly her dress is, too.

Stella McCartney has nice legs, but I hate that skirt-accidentally-tucked-into-the-panties-after-a-trip-to-the-loo look. And I know she's a designer and all, but the jacket doesn't seem to work proportionally with the dress. Overall, she's a bit casual.

Especially compared to Rihanna, in a dramatic Stephane Rolland gown. The hair and lips almost the same color as her skin isn't working. She looks like a 60s-era Barbie doll.

I love Katharine McPhee's dress - the style, the color. I do think her clutch is a bit huge though. (And she's also too blonde.)

Iman got attacked by a giant feather duster on her way to the event. Thank goodness she made it out alive!


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