Monday, November 23, 2009

Lisa Hoffman Variations Tuscan Fig Daytime

I recently got a sample of Lisa Hoffman's Tuscan Fig fragrance when I placed an order on her Web site. There are four variations on this scent - Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Bedtime, each slightly different from one another, each meant to be more or less intense, depending on the time and mood. My sample is "daytime," billed on the site as:
a richer, fuller-bodied version of the scent, for when most women are at their peak activity, and may occasionally feel the desire to "freshen up."
In general, Tuscan Fig is:
a slightly sweet gourmand fragrance. Notes of Fig, French Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean and Gardenia are warmed by amber, wood and musks to create a sexy, sultry finish.
Hmm...but where's the fig? All I get is vanilla and more vanilla. It opens with a Play-doh vanilla that quickly becomes just plain vanilla. Oh, maybe there are some floral and/or woodsy notes in there somewhere, but nothing particularly stands out to me. Not that there's anything wrong with vanilla - I love vanilla - but when a scent is named "fig" I kinda expect a little of the namesake. Perhaps I need to sniff the other three in this series to get a better picture of the theme ingredient, eh? But this sample isn't going to make me run out and shell out the $95 bucks.


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