Monday, November 2, 2009

Trance Essence

Trance Essence is nature, naked and alive, captured in a collection of Eau De Parfum sprays, roll-on perfume oils and hand-poured soy-based candles. They are the creation of Janna Sheehan, a perfumer/designer and lover of natural scents. Each of the Trance Essence Nectars contains up to twenty-five essential and perfume oil elements. Two years in the making, each fragrance emerged from an inner journey to a fanciful imaginary location. Six scents, six exotic destinations:

London in the sixties (Abbey Rose)
Down a rabbit hole (Whyte Rabitt)
A sultry Moroccan nightclub in the summer (Genie in a Bottle)
A Chinese mandarin garden at dawn (Chen-XI)
An Indiana forest after a rain shower (Hail Merri)
The gardenia and rose garden from a childhood story (Pink Kat)

Many more journeys remain to be taken. Yours. Trance fragrances aren’t standard and they aren’t static. They unfold and respond, reacting to time, place and wearer.

Anoint yourself and begin your journey.

Chen Xi (First Light of Dawn)

“This scent has the Zen sensibilities of simplicity and happiness. Light and fresh, wild ginger, red and yellow mandarin, lemongrass, spearmint and a hint of lily make this subtle, delicate perfume a transformative timeless classic.”

Bright and sunny, the scent is redolent of citrus, with the herbal tang of lemongrass being most outstanding. A whiff of spearmint adds a faint touch of green.

Genie in a Bottle

“Seductive, potent, scents of exotic oils like jasmine, vanilla, organic frankincense, bittersweet chocolate, black and organic black pepper are just a few of the essences that infuse magic into this bottle.”

Floral and gourmand at the same time, with a touch of the oriental as well, somehow this is a familiar fragrance. The jasmine predominates, with a touch of chocolatey sweetness, and the drydown becomes more of an incense scent.

Abbey Rose

“Imbued with clarity and balance, this essence has rich notes of fig, rose, bergamot, lavender, neroli, and a bit of grapefruit.”

A rose is a rose is a rose, except when it’s a fig wrapped in lavender, too. The citrusy accent is just enough to brighten this scent and make it a rather happy rose. The drydown is predominately rose. This one is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

Hail Merri

“Complex and alluring, Hail Merri carries the frequencies that inspire sublime grace and beauty. Vetivert, oak moss, violet leaf, rosewood, tuberose and a touch of sweet pea inspire this lofty elixir of restoration, regeneration and renewal.”

Mostly mossy/woody, but with the surprising addition of rich florals and a touch of violet underneath. Like flowers blooming on a forest floor. Starts out dark but gets brighter as it dries down. Complex and alluring indeed.

Pink Kat

“The freshest smelling perfume and oil essences of gardenia, rose, wild ylang ylang and neroli lend their properties of love from the heart and earthy sexiness. Pink Kat is innocent, sensual and alluring all at once.”

Neither pink nor catty, Pink Kat is a rather mentholated blend of strong floral notes, with gardenia in the forefront. The drydown is a nice dry, green, gardenia. Sexy perhaps, but innocent – no way.

White Rabbit

“Quixotic and playful, this essence never smells the same twice on your skin. Mercurial by nature Whyte Rabbit embodies notes of linden blossom, banana, basil, wild blue cypress, calendula, and blackberry.”

This scent is almost a savory gourmand, with the strong herbal tones. The basil/cypress combo is almost like celery/parsley, but its sitting on a slightly sweet and fruity base of linden and a surprising note of banana. A scent any bunny is sure to love.

Originally appeared in Sniffapalooza Magazine. Samples provided by Sniffapalooza Magazine.


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