Thursday, December 10, 2009

Find Your Doppelgänger

Ever wondered if someone out there looks just like you? Well, if Coke Zero has Coke’s taste, then maybe someone out there has your face. You now have the chance to find out with Coke Zero’s Facial Profiler, which uses next gen facial recognition technology to search for people whose faces most closely resemble your own.

Using the industry’s most advanced facial profiling software, Facial Profiler will match you against the vast database of faces collected by Coke Zero (there are already over 105,000) to find your look-a-likes. Results will be delivered soon after, and you can then discover the details about your doppelgangers based on the privacy settings for their Facebook profiles. Also, there is a fun feature called the “Match Bank,” where users will be able to rate which matches they think are the best. By combining human feedback into the Facial Profiler equation, this will help improve the accuracy of future matches.

Here's one of my matches.

Pretty creepy, eh? Try it for yourself!


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