Thursday, January 28, 2010

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Part 3

And still more from the red carpet....

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara wore Carolina Herrera. While I like the shape of the dress and the styling, I hate the red-into-burgundy color scheme. Ms Vergara could definitely rock an all-red gown.

Patricia Arquette is once again a hot mess in this disco Grinch costume.

I'm torn about Samantha Harris' blue and gold number. Part of me thinks it's gorgeous, but another part thinks that with the hair down and big jewelry, it's too much. Borderline tacky. What do you think?

Kate Hudson wore Emilio Pucci. The way she poses for the camera leads me to believe that she thinks she's completely fabulous. I have to disagree. She's a big nothing, but the dress is nice. Would love to see it on someone else.

I love the bodice on Jenna Fischer's fairly simple violet gown. A gorgeous color.

Helen Mirren is one hot mama. Whew!

Anna Paquin is wearing Alexander McQueen and rocking it. Maybe a little casual-looking for an awards show, but I still think of her as a little girl.

This hideous rag on Toni Collette is by Rafael Cennamo. The skirt looks like old dirty petticoats and is completely incongruous with the gilded bodice. Awful.

Tina Fey went short again this time, but with a less-funky, more elegant, purple Ferragamo cocktail dress. I approve.

Sigourney Weaver looks like hell in a shapeless, asymmetrical black bag. She can do so much better.


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