Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drive-By Bags

I went to the American Craft Council show this week to get a little inspiration for my own line of beaded jewelry. But what I was really inspired to do was spend money! I was a good girl and limited myself to one purchase - a tote bag by Drive-By Bags & Things - both because it excited me and I've been looking for a new tote to haul my books and lunch and whatnot to work.

My groovy new tote bag is mostly solid black on one side, and a pattern of mostly yellow and red speckles on the other. The exciting part is that it was made from what used to be a billboard advertising Miller Genuine Draft. Yeah, a billboard. You know, those giant 48' x 14' foot advertisements that shout at us as we drive up and down highways. These things:

Once upon a time, these ginormous ads were printed on paper, but now they're on huge sheets of vinyl. Sturdy and lightweight, this stuff makes for great tote bags, lunch bags, messenger bags. It's a freakin' clever way to recycle something that would otherwise be a huge waste of materials and landfill space.

Oh, and see the bag below? It was made from the billboard above (I believe the "able" label is on the monkey in the lower right corner, near the words "May 22").

What's more, Jeff and Gail Greengard are really nice people. Check out Drive-By Bags for yourself at


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