Monday, March 1, 2010

12th Annual Costume Guild Awards

There was an odd selection of stars on the red carpet at the 12th Annual Costume Guild Awards. Having never been invited, I'm not sure how fancy this event is, and it's certainly hard to tell by what folks were wearing.

Anna Kendrick seemed to be a bit overdressed. She's just everwhere, isn't she?

I'm not sure if I like Parker Posey's dress or not. It's not quite "quirky Indie star" attire, but it's somewhat interesting. The hair is iffy for me too. But - I love the earrings.

Loni Anderson is still around? She doesn't look much different from the WKRP days, except her hair is a bit smaller. Her mouth looks bigger though, almost like it was Photoshopped onto her head. I don't get the dress.

I like gold and sparkly on Kristen Bell, but I think this dress looks a bit ill-fitting, It should be shorter, and the waist should be higher.

I love this color, but it might be too bold for Jayma Mays. If you put her next to Anna Kendrick, you wouldn't know they were attending the same event.

What's with the shoulders on Emily Blunt's dress? It's distracting from the interesting shiny graphic fabric.


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