Wednesday, April 21, 2010

45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

The CMA Awards were held this past weekend. I don't much listen to country music so couldn't care less about the winners - I just like to watch the red carpet (or in this case orange carpet) and rip on the fashions.

Taylor Swift looks a bit like she climbed out her bedroom window while wearing a negligee and got attacked by wisteria, but the dress is pretty enough, and age appropriate.

Reba McEntire was also attacked by some foliage, but I think she looks otherwise gorgeous.

Skiier and Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn was in attendance - who knows why? - looking lovely in a fairly simple red gown. The leather clutch with brassy zipper is all wrong for this look though.

Jewel was flawless. Perfect color, great hair, great earrings. Love.

WTF is former Dancing With the Stars champ and Proactiv pitchman Julianne Hough wearing on her left boob? It looks like a crushed aluminum roasting pan. Bring on the turkey - the girl is ready for Thanksgiving!

Cowboy Troy's balls are so big, he can't stand upright properly. Someone call a medic.

This pair is apparently Kelley Shepard and Kristy Osmunson of a group called Bomshel. First of all, learn how to spell. Second - Malibu Skipper wants her wardrobe back.

Someone please tell Rebecca Grant that Malibu Barbie is also on the warpath. And is this chick wearing someone else's head? it doesn't look to be properly attached to her body. Is there a neck?

Nicole Kidman has finally given up. Sad.


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