Friday, April 23, 2010

Congratulations, Seth Aaron Henderson!

Season 7 of Project Runway has finally come to a close. Although more interesting and certainly packed with more talent than season 6, season 7 didn't have the excitement of earlier days. Methinks Project Runway has jumped the shark, but because I'm an artist and I'm interested in fashion, I'll still watch it. Much to Mr Minx's chagrin.

Seth Aaron stood out from the pack early on, as did Mila and Emilio and Jay. Had any one of them won, I would have been pleased. Seth Aaron was probably my favorite in that his aesthetic of super-structured tailored pieces is really me. Seriously - I am all about very tailored looks. When I was slim for those brief moments in the early 90s, I was rocking fitted jackets and high-waisted skirts/pants. Had I a skeletal model physique today, I'd be all over his clothes.

I don't get the strong dislike that I'm finding all over teh Innernets for Emilio and Mila. I didn't find either of them to be objectionable, and I liked most things they sent down the runway. I felt bad for Emilio because losing seemed to hit him so hard. But his and Mila's pieces were so shop-ready, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they eventually become more successful than this year's winner.

To see all of the Fashion Week collections, including those belonging to the SEVEN decoys, click here.


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