Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fragrance Review Flashback - Nasomatto Absinth

The plain glass bottles with oversized wooden tops (reminding me of English Leather) and their minimalist, almost afterthought labels made me think of a hobby perfumer's attempt at packaging. A couple of sniffs and a peep at the price tag changed my mind: these are well crafted scents made from high quality ingredients. A later look at the Nasomatto site with its ridiculous "manifesto" made me wonder if the company wasn't run by the creators of South Park:

I take advantage of what you always said about me
I take advantage of your sexual essence
I take advantage of drugs and food
I take advantage of my olfactive memory and trips
I take advantage of mistakes
I take advantage from the Z1
I take advantage of the best raw materials
I give advantage to people longing to distinguish themselves

Then I read the description of Absinth, which "aims to invoke a degree of hysteria. It the the result of a quest to stimulate irresponsible behavior."

Now, why, with the amount of rampant irresponsibility already so prevalent today, stimulate it? And...hysteria? Not even close. Warm fuzzies, maybe.

I love woodsy scents. I love gourmand scents. I really love woodsy scents that are also gourmand and maybe a little masculine. Nasomatto Absinth is just that kind of fragrance. I first smelled it at Barney's last November - they had only just gotten in their stock and no samples were available. Absinth sprited on a piece of paper was just heavenly, and it was almost as good on my skin. (I hate when they're better on paper.) It took a while before I was able to obtain an actual sample of the juice, and I'm happy to say that it's very nice on my skin as well.

Absinth has a slightly bitter/medicinal herbal note hovering above a base of dusty woodiness. There's bright note as well that makes me think of ginger juice, and of Fendi Theorema, although they're really not similar.

I love it - I just wish it weren't so expensive. In addition to Barney's, Luckyscent also carries the Nasomatto line.

Nasomatto Absinth Notes: absinthe, herbs, vetiver


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