Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sniffapalooza! Part the Second

I didn't spend as much time sniffing on Day Two of Sniffapalooza, but did end up hitting three separate shops.

First was Bond No. 9. I was primarily interested in sniffing their two newest, High Line - named after the new public park on NY's West Side - and Montauk. The former was a bright sunny scent, a little tangy, a little musky. The latter, a new Andy Warhol scent, was a bit disappointing, as it possessed the same shrill icepick-in-the-head sensation that I found in Harrods for Men and the Signature Oud.

After claiming my goody bag (one sample of each of Bond's scents, except High Line and the not-yet-released Montauk - I've got so many of these now, I can open my own store) I headed to Lafco, a shop that carries the Santa Maria Novella line of products almost exclusively, with a few other brands. I was there for the soap - Claus Porto soaps last forever and smell terrific, and I ended up buying at least 6 bars of various fragrances.

Around the corner from Lafco is a new shop, MiN NY, I'll mention that shop more in a future post. In the meantime, I had fun browsing the lines of fragrance (including Parfum d'Empire and Penhaligon's) and sipping Prometheus Capsaicin Spiced Elixirs while eavesdropping on conversations in the crowded room.

I made no fragrance purchases on Sunday, but I think the three bottles I bought on Saturday was quite enough, don't you?

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