Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Remember that I mentioned the Linari line in a previous post about the new MiN NY apothecary? Here's more info on the line. MiN now has exclusive rights to sell the line in North America, so if you want it, need it, have to have it....


In the past seven years LINARI has become one of Germanyʼs most sought after luxury houses of scent. Known for itʼs exquisite home fragrances in glass and wood, Linariʼs diffusers, room sprays, and candles are architectural and beautiful in hotels and homes. Previously never made available in the USA, Linariʼs coveted collection of eau de parfums - Angelo di Fiume, Notte Bianca, Eleganza Luminosa, Vista Sul Mare and Aqua Santa - are now available at MiN New York.

Renowned perfumers Mark Buxton [Comme des Garçons, Karl Lagerfeld, etc.], and Egon Oelkers [Biehl Parfumkunstwerke, H&R Fragrance Guide], and Maurice Roucel [Envy for Gucci, Le Labo, Bond No. 9, etc.] created the LINARI scents.

LINARIʼs eau de parfum range comes in 100-ml bottles [$195.00]. The heavy French glass bottles resemble classic inkwells, each are topped with a flat round cap of African wenge wood. The cap also serves as a stand for the bottle.

LINARI Diffusers [$110.00] are created with milled internal thread from solid maple, wenge, zebra and multiplex birch woods. The natural quality of the wood ensures every closure is unique. The bottle design remains flawless to match any space.

LINARI room sprays offer an ideal way to create an immediate and reliably scented atmosphere. The purist 100ml bottles are manufactured from the finest Italian glass. Room sprays start at $47.00.

LINARI candles are hand poured in France by one of the most famous candle producers known. Using the highest quality wax available allows almost immediate fragrance diffusion. Candles are priced from $60.00.

LINARI creates just the right atmosphere in any private living area, it is also ideal for public spaces and enjoys prime placement within top class hotel lobbies, bars, and restaurants around the world. Linari is a perfect gift for the hostess or client.

Formerly distributed by Lafco, MiN New York now serves as the new exclusive distributor for North America as of January of 2010. MiN New Yorkʼs flagship Atelier at 117 Crosby Street in New York City serves as the primary showroom for the entire collection.

"Linari represents the finest in room scents and their recent creations in premium fragrances are superbly executed. Our partnership is a great alignment of values." Chad Murawczyk, CEO.


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