Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Voyage d'Hermes

Voyage d'Hermes is the latest scent by Jean-Claude Ellena. It seems to me that he's been working a theme and has finally gotten it right. It takes the bright citrus aspect of Un Jardin Sur le Nil, the cedar of Terre d'Hermes, and the leather of Kelly Caleche, and combines them in a way that I like very much.

The citrus, with juniper berry and possibly cardamom, is initially akin to a mildly skanky grapefruit note. Underneath, one can sense the woods and a note that reminds me very much of a soft leather. I didn't like Kelly Caleche as much as my review of it would suggest. The more often I wore it, the less I liked it and eventually felt the leather + flowers just didn't work for me. But leather + citrus + cedar = perfect. And the drydown, although it retains some of the sharpness of the opening, has a nice soft musky quality that I love.

Reading other bloggers thoughts of Voyage makes me wonder if we've been smelling the same fragrance. No worries - plenty of room in this world for multiple opinions. But am I the only one who gets that Ellena has started doing a variation of the same fragrance over and over again? Not that it's a bad thing, and he does occasionally mix it up with something like Apres la Mousson, but I wonder when this particular obsession will subside.

Sample obtained at Sniffapalooza.


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