Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bond No. 9 Washington Square

Notes: Italian bergamot, geranium, tarragon, purple rose, honey, vintage amber, leather accord, vetiver, musk

I'm going to say that the last few Bond No. 9 fragrances left me cold. High Line was pleasant enough, but I flat out didn't like Montauk and am definitely not a fan of the Signature perfume. So I was quite pleased to see (smell?) that the upcoming Washington Square fragrance (launching November 1st, just in time for my birthday) is more of my kind of scent.

It starts out with a flash of bergamot and a hint of herbaceousness. At first sniff it seems a bit masculine, but then the rose and especially the honey comes out. leading the fragrance into more unisex territory. The rose is a bit powdery, but not too much. Or maybe it's the amber that is powdery? In any case, there is a nice juxtaposition between the slightly old-fashioned, womanly, warm plummy/jammy rose and the cool, masculine tarragon/leather/vetiver vibe. The press release calls it "dissident" but "dissonant" is more accurate. However, I think this scent is so well-blended that it doesn't read as incongruous parts meshed together.

What I like best about Washington Square is that after coming on pretty strong, it dries down nicely to a great rose/leather combo. And the bottle - gorgeous! And though it is a photo of Washington Square, the image, with its evocative blue tint, reminds me of old prints of more exotic lands: ancient Egypt; Imperial China; Japan. One of my favorite Bond bottles ever.


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