Friday, July 16, 2010

For You Wedding Fans

WE tv has launched a new sister network, Wedding Central, the ultimate television destination for women to indulge in all things related to dating, relationships and weddings.

Taking a clue from fans, making things a bit more “fun” and building on the growing capabilities of interactive television, Wedding Central will provide viewers with multiple opportunities to interact with the network’s programming via their remotes. Participation will run the gamut from voting for their favorite bride to sharing their opinions on her favorite dress to connecting directly with local and national advertisers. Polling and quizzes will also be offered.

But there's a tricky part: you may well have to call or email your cable or satellite provider and let them know you want the Wedding Channel. Click here for a list of providers along with the best way to contact them:

Pesonally, I think a Divorce Channel might be more exciting.


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