Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video Girl Barbie

There's a new Barbie in town, Video Girl Barbie, a doll that records all of the fun with a built-in video camera.  When you think there are no paparazzi around, beware...Barbie might be lurking (chuckle).

Barbie is putting on multiple scavenger hunts in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. Using location-based social media tool Foursquare (www.foursquare.com) to keep everyone apprised of her whereabouts, Barbie will “check-in” to a mix of fun and fashionable venues. To participate in the hunt, fans can follow along via video and text clues that Barbie leaves on Twitter (@BarbieStyle) and Foursquare.

I don't do Foursquare because I don't need the world to know my whereabouts, ever, but for those that “follow” the fun, there will be limited edition Video Girl swag including a chance to win your very own Video Girl!

Here are the dates and locations for Video Girl Barbie's Scavenger Hunt:
July 20th - San Francisco
July 21st - Los Angeles
July 22nd - Chicago
July 23rd - New York

Also, check out this video of YouTube star, iJustine, touring Barbie HQ and hanging out with Video Girl:

Barbie Video Girl features a camera lens in her necklace, a color LCD screen on her back, which features ‘real time playback’ capability and is powered by batteries in her legs (2-AAA). With close to 30 minutes of recording time girls can now capture moments through Barbie® doll’s point-of-view.

She also comes with free editing software (available at Barbie.com), so girls can transform raw footage into real movies by adding music, sound effects and visual effects. Barbie® Video GirlTM holds 256 MB of memory, shoots video in standard definition and video files can be downloaded as .avi files.RRP $50,00 for ages 6+.


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