Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Prime Time Emmy Awards - Part I

I wasn't impressed by much on the red carpet this year. There was too much black and too much boring.

Along with black, white was another trend on the red carpet, with everyone miraculously avoiding looking bridal. I actually like Glee's Amber Riley's dress. Simple and elegant.

Amy Poehler has been keeping some baby weight on and it's flattering. The same can't be said for her dull baby-blue dress. Keep that color in the nursery.

Anna Paquin wore Alexander McQueen, but it's probably too much dress for her. As one red carpet analyst commented, she looks like a bullfighter.

Christina Hendricks needs to hire some gays to help her dress her lush figure. The color and cut (not to mention the feathers) on this Zac Posen gown do nothing for her.

Clare Danes wore a lovely Armani Privé that was probably too tight in the bodice, judging from the blobs of flesh that protruded from the top. Is it me, or did she look particularly...old...last night? (She's only 31.)

Glee's Dianna Agron wore an overly-dramatic Carolina Herrera number that competed with her natural loveliness. I think it could have worked for her had it been knee-length, but the full lacy skirt is too much.

While I like the color on Emily Deschanel's gown, the texture bothers me. It makes her look bulky, and it reminds me of crepe paper streamers. I'm probably alone in this.

Come on Heidi - you're too old to continue looking cheap and trashy. And enough with the Marchesa.

More to come! Stay tuned!


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