Friday, August 13, 2010

Codename: Carla

Not sure how many of you have noticed the graphic on my sidebar for Codename: Carla, but I want you to check it out  now. :)

Ok, back? Did you click on it?

My husband is a writer, and Carla is the lead character in two of his novels. She's a government agent working for a small subsection of Homeland Security; this gets her sent on cases that are a little more interesting than usual.

For a taste of what she's been up against, check out the three short stories on the "cases" tab of Carla's Web site, If you want to read more...well, you'll just have to wait until the books are published.

Help us find an agent and publisher by spreading the word! Please recommend to your friends. And follow Carla on Twitter @Carlawhatever as she tweets information about her latest case in real time.

Thank you!


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