Monday, August 9, 2010

Cute Stuff for Your Home (and for You!)

I love to browse around in furniture stores. I've been living with the same sofas for over twenty years now and every once in a while I think I want a change. I've found some cute ones in local shops but haven't yet taken the plunge. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for just yet. Do I want modern? Classic? Antique-styley?

I already have several pieces of antiques, but I do like to mix-and-match styles and eras. However, my dining room seems to have attained a very Asian feel, with an antique lacquered cabinet in one corner, a modern lacquered dining table with scenes of pagodas and mountains, and a collection of Noh masks in the corner cabinet. I'm thinking one of these completely ridiculous but ridiculously cute table lamps would be just the thing.

More browsing around that site, for CSN stores, has revealed a treasure trove of sofas, loveseats, chairs, etc. I think I really like this one.
Not only can I browse sofas for me and Mr Minx, I can also find bedding for our pets! Wouldn't Milo look adorable on this cute doggie bed?

But wait...there's more. As I was digging around this huge Web site of stuff, I found....handbags and shoes. I'm kinda loving this one. And this one. And I'm really digging the Anuschka hand-painted leather bags, particularly this one.

Hmmm...should I save up for a sofa? Or buy a purse? :)


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