Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Etat Libre d’Orange Like This Tilda Swinton

Etat Libre d'Orange tends to be hit or miss for me, mostly miss, although the ones I like, I really like (Noel au Balcon, Divin'Enfant). I didn't think I'd care for Like This because of the immortelle note, but boy was I wrong.

I love it.

According to actress Tilda Swinton herself, "I thought about how great it would be if I could have a smell that would keep me at home wherever I was. So I started to think about my home smells, and the principal ingredients became ginger, baby carrot, pumpkin. I'm a November child — a pumpkin child — so this whole idea of orange is there. It smells like the only home I have: my house in the north of Scotland." (NY Mag)

I'm a November child myself, and while orange is among my least-favorite colors, I do love pumpkin, carrot, sweet potatoes, oranges. Orange things.

Not that Like This is necessarily an "orange" scent.

After a brief hit of citrus the pumpkin comes in all raw and vegetal, accompanied by the sweet maple-y quality of immortelle. But don't think it's like pumpkin pie, because it's not. Unless you make your pies with flowers and vetiver. There is a sweetness, but I find it more warm than cloying. And the barely detectable vetiver way in the background keeps the scent out of the realm of gourmand.

The real clincher for me is the clean musk that comes in at the end. Unlike many people, I prefer white musks to skanky ones, and the musk note in Like This is light and airy and a little shampoo-y. And meshes really well with the rest of the scent.

Methinks this one is very full-bottle-worthy. Maybe I'll buy it for my birthday.

Notes: yellow mandarin, ginger, pumpkin accord, immortelle, Moroccan neroli, rose de Grasse, vetiver, heliotrope, musk


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