Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tonight, on You're Wearing That?

On tonight's episode. although 31-year-old American Idol alum Kimberley Locke is well-styled and trendy, her 54-year-old mother Christine thinks that she could do a lot better! She thinks Kimberley needs to create a look that is completely her own and will make her stand out among the other stylish glitterati. As for Kim, she thinks mom Christine needs a lot of help when it comes to her style. Having gone through a double-mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Christine is having a hard time dressing her new figure, and Kim feels that her mom needs a makeover to re-embrace her feminine side and start living life with confidence again.

Enter New York stylist Luciene Salomone, who is eager to get to work with this powerhouse mother/daughter duo. After chatting with Christine and Kimberley, who share what they hate about each other’s wardrobe choices, Luciene observes a fashion show from both women so she can see, firsthand, where each of them is going wrong.

Tune in TONIGHT @ at 10pm | 9c


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