Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tonight, on You're Wearing That?!?

Former TV superstar Charlene Tilton is still dressing and doing her hair and makeup like she did back in her Dallas days. Daughter Cherish thinks Charlene needs to update her wardrobe so she can be taken seriously as the amazing business woman she has become. As for Cherish, Charlene thinks her daughter sports a look that’s one-note, and boyish. Cherish has a budding career as a musician and her mother thinks that her current style does nothing to distinguish her from the crowd.

When stylist Luciene Salomone meets this outspoken mother/daughter duo, she recognizes the enormous challenge in front of her! Charlene and Cherish then meet separately with Luciene, who gives each woman some fashion advice before sending them out on their own to shop for each other. They each must find some great new outfits for the other, including one extra-special outfit for a big party where they will reveal their new looks to their friends and family. Tune in tonight as this mother and daughter celebrate their shared transformations from outdated and sloppy, to updated and sophisticated!

Tune in tonight at 10/9C!


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