Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tonight, on You're Wearing That?!?

Alana’s a vivacious 15-year-old high school sophomore in South Pasadena, CA, who thinks she’s got it going on when it comes to style. But her mother Desiree thinks she tries to incorporate too many styles and trends at one time, and wears outfits that are too old for her age and not form-fitting. For her part, Alana thinks mom’s idea of an outfit is “B-O-R-I-N-G!” A 45-year-old working mom of three, Desiree admits to being too busy to worry about fashion, but Alana is sick and tired of her mom’s boring, monochromatic and outdated clothes. With Alana’s “Sweet 16” birthday bash around the corner, Desiree and Alana desperately need help, and Luciene is just the gal to fix these ladies up!

Stylist Luciene Salomone knows she has a tall order in helping Desiree and Alana out of their fashion funk. Each woman must find some great new outfits for the other, including one extra-special outfit for Alana’s "Sweet 16" birthday bash, where they will reveal their new looks. Will Alana have a “Sweet 16?” Tune in to find out @ 10pm | 9c!


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