Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tonight, on You're Wearing That?!?

Siobhan and her daughter Elise’s constant bickering about each other’s wardrobes is putting a bump in their mother/daughter groove! 50-year-old mother Siobhan is caught in a time warp, and her affinity for the neon and spandex of the 1980s has daughter Elise thinking her outdated mom needs some serious fashion help. Meanwhile, 24-year-old daughter Elise’s closet is packed from top to bottom with PLAID, PLAID, and MORE PLAID, and mom thinks this obsession has her looking less like a young professional and more like a picnic table!

From the moment stylist Luciene Salomone meets this opinionated mother/daughter duo, she knows has her work cut out for her! Siobhan and Elise then meet separately with Luciene, who gives each woman fashion advice before sending them out on their own to shop for each other. Will Siobhan transform from time-warp to timeless, AND will Elise see a world beyond plaid?

Tune in tonight at 10pm | 9c


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