Thursday, September 2, 2010

You're Wearing That?!?

Los Angeles-based professional poker player Annie Duke is sharp and decisive, but her 14-year-old daughter Maud thinks mom’s wardrobe is stuck in the 80s! And Annie thinks high school freshman Maud needs to break away from her safe choices in fashion and develop her own personal style.

When New York stylist Luciene Salomone lays eyes on this duo, she knows she needs to rescue these women from a bad fashion battlefield! Luciene gives each woman some fashion advice before sending them out on their own to shop for each other. They each must find some great new outfits for the other, including one extra-special outfit for a big party where they will reveal their new looks to their friends and family. Will they break away from their boring uniforms and jump into the wonderful world of fashion?

Tune in to WE TV tonight, September 2 at 10pm | 9c!


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