Friday, October 29, 2010

Congratulations, Gretchen Jones

From what I can tell, the whole blogosphere is up in arms over Gretchen Jones' win on the Project Runway finale last night, and I can't understand why. From the first episode, Gretchen showed that she was a versatile designer who understood fabric and made clothing that women could and would wear. Sure, she grew fatigued somewhere around week 10, but I had no doubt that she had this competition in the bag.

Mondo may have been the crowd favorite - in our eyes, his metamorphosis took him from oddball lonely boy to confident winner. And while his clothing was fun, joyful, when I saw photos of his finale show I thought of the complaint heard in other seasons: he had designed clothes, not fashion. His mixing of patterns was masterful, but like season 3's Uli Herzner, they may have seemed a bit of a crutch. Tim Gunn should not have advised him to leave that all-black dress out of his collection.

Andy South was my pick from episode one. Unfortunately, he pulled a Santino and showed a collection that, while beautiful, was largely safe and lacking a lot of the edgy side of Andy we saw during the competition.

So what did you think about the finale? Are you also pissed that Gretchen won?


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