Friday, October 15, 2010

Fragrance Review Flashback - Stoned

Sometimes the hype is more interesting than the scent.  "The scent is a heady mix of a sweet candy fused with the mystery of patchouli." And, apparently, it's "the most fun one can have being stoned without breaking the law."  I saw your ears perk up.  What's this, you ask?  Why,Stoned, created by Miller Harris nose Lynn Harris for London jewelery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge.  Solange's jewelry designs are all over the place, going from fairly traditional diamond designs to the frankly wacky and fantastical. Her perfume, on the other hand, is heavy, somewhat cloyingly sweet, and a bit boring.

There's an opening battle between uber-sweet vanilla and a very dry leather. Who wins? Neither. The sweetness makes my teeth hurt while the dusty and cracked quality of leather badly in need of conditioning nearly makes me sneeze. While they continue to duke it out for main note, powdery rose and heliotrope make an appearance, tell a few jokes, and then slink away again.

After several hours, however, my opinion of this fragrance changes as it develops into a gorgeous ambery scent, rich, warm, and intoxicating.  I'd buy the drydown. For $65. The whole thing for $285? Are you kidding? So it's got diamond dust in it. Bah. So do some saw blades. And personally, I think the red glass bottle, studded with pustules, is tres ugly.

Stick to jewelry, Solange.

Notes: Italian bergamot, rose, jasmine absolute, labdanum, benzoin, tree moss, heliotrope, musk, vanilla bourbon


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