Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Latin Grammys

While plenty of nicely-dressed folks showed up in Las Vegas for the Latin Grammy Awards, it's so much more fun to look at the outfits of those who have, shall we say, "taste issues."

This person, who calls herself, "D'manti," (diamante? Del Monte?) had so many tacky outfits from which to choose, she decided to wear two. Which do you prefer, the slutty figure skater, or the slutty Country singer?

Rosario likes to show off her rack.

As does Lucero...

...and Mayra Veronica. Do you detect a theme?

Speaking of jugs, Charo's are still perky after all these years.
The bitch is 69!

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 Tatiana Del Gado chose to cover up her breasteses, but I'm not sure this baby pink and feathered number is any less tacky than the dresses above.

JLo, on the other hand, looks very subdued.  I like the hair, but the gown's not working, particularly because it's too tight around her big butt. I know she likes to emphasize it, but when the fabric pulls that much across the front, I worry for her seams.


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