Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weddings and Shoes

Let me tell you a story about my wedding shoes. I had wanted my footwear to be the "something blue" element of my ensemble, and picked out a really cute pair of blue strappy shoes with moderately-high heels. I figured I could wear them on other occasions because they didn't look like wedding shoes. And they were the perfect height for the length of my gown.

Until my gown was altered.

When I fetched it from the bridal shop, the dress had suddenly become another inch or so longer! I wasn't about to spend the extra money to have the skirt hemmed, so I returned my blue shoes and bought a pair with higher heels. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that fit my budget, was the right height, and were blue.

Maybe my shoes weren't perfect, but my husband is. :) of those Kardashians judged the Wedding Central If the Shoe Fits Contest in which thirty brides-to-be duked it out, searching to find eleven pairs of designer shoes among a sea of shoe-boxes. The winner received a $5,000 check and $5,000 worth of wedding consultations from Wedding Central's celebrity wedding experts.

The carnage.
I coulda bought nicer shoes if I had $5000. My whole wedding didn't cost that much.


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