Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes, Part One

Never quite as much fun as the Oscars, the Golden Globes are still a great place for fashion-watching. This year, there seemed to be less black and white than in recent years, but we still have that irritating trend for nude-colored garments that for the most part do not work with the wearers' skin tones. Another trend was matronly, as seen in the first two looks...

Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson both seem to be channeling more mature women, in Aguilera's case, an elderly Ginger Rogers (must be the hair) as the owner of a bordello. Scarlett's hair is making me think of Elsa the Bride of Frankenstein.

Sandra Bullock just looks sad. The "Sonny & Cher" hair (Cher's long straight locks with Sonny's bangs) just isn't working for her, neither is the blandly-colored Jenny Packham gown.

Heidi Klum doesn't even look like Heidi Klum in this photo - where's the short, tight, and shiny? I'm really torn about this look. While it works for her, it doesn't say "awards show" to me.

Ah, Gabourey Sidibe. This Marc Bouwer dress is interesting, but it screams "muu muu" on a larger body.

Helena Bonham Carter (in Vivienne Westwood) wouldn't be Helena Bonham Carter if she didn't look a hot mess.

Julianne Moore is a wrinkled mess in her hot pink Lanvin. She's been wearing Lanvin recently...guess she thinks it makes her edgy, but really, it makes her "not work."

Tilda Swinton always marches to the beat of a different drum, and this Jil Sander look is pretty standard fare for her. But if I wore a men's shirt and wrapped a pale yellow bedsheet around my waist, people would call  me crazy. Just sayin'.

Natalie Portman is a pretty girl, and at this point in her career she obviously has enough money to afford a stylist. This Viktor & Rolf gown is such a nothing - well, it is a bit tacky - and the jewelry is such an afterthought. She should be able to do better.


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