Monday, January 24, 2011

Bond No. 9 24/7 New York Body Silk

I got a little package in the mail the other day containing the cutest little sample jar from Bond No. 9, containing a precious amount of their new 24/7 New York Body Silk. I immediately unscrewed the lid and took a sniff, happily discovering it was fragranced with West Side, one of my very favorite Bond scents. A little dab revealed that it was thick - but not too thick - and lusciously textured so that it melted into my skin, leaving it silky but not greasy. And so fragrant!

The press release that came with the sample says that the cream is so emollient, it will "instantly entice perfumed smoothness everywhere, including those problem areas, elbows, shoulders knees - body parts you'd formerly given up on." Well, I haven't exactly given up (Aveeno Baby does a fantastic job of keeping alligator skin away, even on adults), but I'm always happy to add new fragranced creams to my collection.

Bond no. 9′s 24/7 Body Silk is a surprisingly well-priced $105 for 200 ml. In addition to West Side, the cream also comes in ten other popular Bond scents:

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue
Andy Warhol Union Square
Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York
Bryant Park
Nuits de Noho
Saks Fifth Avenue for Her
The Scent of Peace
Chelsea Flowers
Eau de New York


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