Monday, February 7, 2011


Christina Aguilera is a complete disgrace.

Not only did she butcher our National Anthem with her show-offy and completely un-necessary caterwauling, but she also fucked up the words. The bitch has a voice, but she never has learned how to sing.

Next time, Miss Thang, practice.

And a note on her appearance: Why did she borrow one of Laura Bush's suits for the performance? It was too conservative, and too tight on her ass. Why is she always wearing black these days? Doesn't she realize it's aging her...and it's not figure flattering if it doesn't fit. Also - can't she afford better extensions than that pile of dried-out straw on her head?

The whole thing was embarrassment to her, to the country, and to the Super Bowl. Honestly - why can't they pick someone who will honor our country rather than make a mockery of it? Thankfully it only lasts a few painful minutes in reality; the memory, however, will last forever.


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