Monday, February 21, 2011

Stiletto, by Nicole Amy

The other day I received a sample of a new scent called Stiletto in the mail. The accompanying PR materials seemed more interested in the story of how Nicole Amy Rabbat purchased the rights to an existing scent and made it her own by packaging it in a cute shoe-shaped bottle than in the fragrance itself. Sure the packaging is cute, but for a perfumista like me, the juice is the most important element.

From the Web site:
Stiletto is a subtle, yet memorable fragrance. A musky scent with hints of vanilla bean and sandalwood, Stiletto is the perfect potion for a girls night out, or a romantic evening in. Meant to break boundaries and cement a woman's individuality, the perfume is bottled in the shape of a sexy "Stiletto" heel punctuated with gold plated studs. Every girl loves shoes, and smelling like a million dollars- Stiletto combines the two. Exuding a sexy and feminine vibe, Stiletto ensures that whether you are walking into a party, or making an exit, you will not be easily forgotten!
Sooo....vanilla bean, sandalwood, musk. It's not much more complicated than that. Actually, I really only smell the vanilla. It's not super-sweet or candy-like, just...vanilla. Pleasant enough, particularly the drydown which might have some musky undertones. Generic, but rather a welcome change from all of the awful fruity-patchouli-floral celebrity scents that have saturated the market these days.

Buy it for the bottle.

50ml = $42, available at Nicole Amy Fragrances.

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