Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tonight on Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

Eager to get her mother to exercise more, Melissa somehow convinces Joan to take a stroll through the neighborhood with the dogs. As they walk, Melissa points out a house being built and says it might be right for Joan. Joan quips that when she finds the right house, she’ll know immediately. Melissa also brings up the fact that Joan needs her own car. And the very next day, Joan brings home her brand-new red Mini-Cooper (in honor of her grandson, Cooper). Melissa is surprised...to say the least!

Later, Joan and Melissa’s friend Lynne discuss what Joan plans to do with "Uncle" Tommy’s ashes, Joan’s best friend for over 40 years, and Melissa’s godfather. Tommy even walked Melissa down the aisle. Joan, Lynne, and Cooper hop into the car on a mission to spread Tommy’s ashes all throughout his favorite spots in Los Angeles: the Beverly Hills Hotel, Rodeo Drive, and Judy Garland’s house. When the current owner of Judy’s house threatens to call the cops, Joan, Lynne, and Cooper take off. West Hollywood is the final destination in Joan’s mission to spread Tommy’s ashes, at a bar called Hamburger Mary’s. Joan asks the receptive crowd if perhaps she could sprinkle a little bit of Tommy on the dance floor and they can all celebrate with a conga line.

Tune in WE tv tonight at 9|8c to watch the mayhem!


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