Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extreme Plagiarism

Recently I was advised that the contents of this blog had been stolen and were being used on the OnSugar blog, After a quick look at the blog, I was able to confirm that many, if not all, of my Opalescent posts had been stolen.

I sent an email to OnSugar requesting that the offending blog be removed. (OnSugar is a part of Sugar, Inc., parent company of the PopSugar Network.) As of this post, I have not heard from OnSugar.

While compiling this post, I noticed that the thief's blog is using Google AdSense to monetize their crime. If OnSugar does not respond, I will be filing a copyright infringement report with Google so at least nobody will be making money off of me.

In case anyone doubts my claim that the content of has been stolen from me, here are some examples.

My "Showing Off" post from 9/12/2007, features a gold pendant with boulder opal, diamond, green sapphire, tanzanite, and freshwater pearl. I designed it and had local goldsmiths assemble the piece. I don't wear it very often, but I still have it, which can prove that this post was stolen from me.

Another post of mine from 9/2007 features a custom-made necklace that I was commissioned to create for the sister of my friend, Fara. And look where else my post can be found:

If you go to the thief's blog and click on "her" name, Kazarapes, you'll find a photo of a rather innocent-looking Muslim girl in a head scarf. Well, if she's such a devout Muslim, why on earth does she have a Christmas list post? Because she stole it from me.

Here's an instance when I mention my husband, whom I call "Mr Minx" on my blogs. And here's the stolen post, reproduced on the thief's blog: I doubt he or she even knows who Tom Jones is.

During the fourth season of Project Runway, I composed a little ditty for designer Christian Siriano to the tune of Night Ranger's "Sister Christian." Siriano's fellow designer, Jack Mackenroth liked it so much, he used it on his blog (with a credit to me). And look where else it ended up, without a credit:

Enough of 2007...suffice it to say that all of my posts from that year were stolen. On to 2008!

I'm a rather boring dresser, and I made no bones about it in this post. And looky - the thief apparently likes to wear the same things! And she refers to herself as theminx, too!

MTV's Jim Cantiello appreciated my predictions of what Project Runway might be like when it moved to Lifetime: "For an especially hilarious Lifetime/"Runway" prediction, check out Opalescent's take on the story." And look where else my work can be found: All of my other Project Runway and Shear Genius recaps can be found on the thief's site as well.

In 2009, I posted for the first time about my Etsy store. Guess who else claims to have an Etsy store at the address Of course "Kazarapes" has no such thing - he/she took my post!

In 2010, I blogged about my husband's site. Wouldn't you know it, but "Kazarapes'" husband has the same site!

Honestly, need I go on? Is this enough proof that this person brazenly stole the contents of this blog and used them for his/her own? Why do people do this? It's not like I make any money at all from this blog (none, to be exact) so why does someone feel the need to cash in on my lack of fortune?

It'll be interesting to see if this post is eventually copied by the thief. :)

ETA: On March 4th, I received this message from OnSugar:
After careful review, we’ve removed all content and blocked this member’s account, kazarapes, for breaking our Terms of Service, We take copyright infringement/trademark laws very seriously and will take the necessary action when reported.
Nice going! Thanks, OnSugar!

Because of recent content theft, I am forced to add this new statement to the end of my posts: If you're reading this post anywhere besides the Opalescent blog, (also then this content has been stolen. Please do not support this thief!


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